Organization and management model (pursuant to legislative decree 231/08) and code of ethics

Sogliano Ambiente and the subsidiary Sogliano Ambiente Trasporti believe in the importance of operating in an ethical and responsible manner in pursuing their mission; for this they have defined their own Organization, Management and Control Model which identifies the principles according to which relations with their stakeholders are determined (with reference to Legislative Decree 231/01).

Underlying this are the main values ​​that the company recognizes as fundamental such as transparency, clarity, reliability and credibility.

Compass for those who work and collaborate with Sogliano Ambiente and Sogliano Ambiente Trasporti, the Organization Model defines the commitments and responsibilities that are assumed in conducting business activities within the organization. From it a Code of Ethics (updated periodically) is derived which contains both the guiding principles and the fundamental directives of conduct that directors, employees and collaborators must observe in carrying out their duties.

Sogliano Ambiente is a mixed public-private company whose Board of Directors, an executive body, operates in accordance with the guidelines defined by the shareholders.

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